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October, 2020

Grand Knight’s Message
We now have just entered the season of autumn. I hope you and your families are doing well remember our Lord Jesus is there for our help in time of need all we have to do is ask. First, I would like to personally thank everyone who stepped up when St. Tim’s sent out the call for help with the parking lot masses and reopening the 5pm Saturday night mass. We as Knights should be Fathers go to group when he needs help and as true Knights when St. Tim’s called, we answered. Thanks Again.

Due to COVID concerns and after discussion of St. Tim’s Protocols at the Officers Meeting, we have decided to conduct our Officers and General meetings virtually until the first of the year.

On October 28th we will be Conducting a Virtual Delta Membership Drive at 7pm with the assistance of our Field Agent. Our council members are getting older and we need new and younger members with fresh ideas in order to carry out Father McGivney’s Mission of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity. All I ask of you is to forward to me the names and contact information of 2 people you know who are not Knights to me, we will handle the rest. Please give this some thought.

The General Agents of Minnesota are hosting a retirement benefits night with guest speaker Tom Hegna a well-known retirement expert on October 15th at 7pm; You can register
at www/

St. Tim’s thinks they will be conducting a Memorial Mass. I will send out an email when I receive the details. 

The Minnesota State Council is hosting a Virtual “Into the Breach” Video Series beginning October 4th. This series is focused on helping us grow to be better fathers, husbands and Catholic men. This is a 12-week series on Sunday Evenings at 7pm. You can register on the state website

Vivat Jesus,
Terry Wagner
Grand Knight

Ladies Auxiliary
October Workshop – The 2020 Workshop has been CANCELLED.

April 24, 2021 CONVENTION – This is the new date to celebrate our State Auxiliary 50th anniversary. Hopefully, we will be able to get together then.

Meetings—We will continue to monitor the K of C 5141, who are having virtual meetings through December 2020, and other volunteer groups from St. Tim’s to determine our next steps. Please let me know your thoughts about in-person meetings.

Baby Boom Update—Congratulations to Grandma Joan, Grandpa Joe, & Uncle Jeremy Hadash on the birth of granddaughter & niece, Vera Mae Hadash.

Congratulations to Carol Zmuda for buying a winning raffle ticket at the St. Tim’s Virtual Carnival.

Congratulations to Barb & Vern Shereck on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Get well prayers are for Vern Shereck for a speedy recovery from surgery.

May we all be blessed by beautiful Fall Weather.

Many prayers are being said for health and safety for all in the world.

God Bless,
Jean Ackermann, Ladies Auxiliary President

A Spiritual Message From Father Joe Whalen, Pastor of St. Timothy
“In the tender mercy of our God, the dawn shall come from on high, to give light to those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death, and to guide our feet into the way of peace.” Luke 1: 78-79

Dear Friends:
These words conclude Zechariah’s prayer in praise and thanksgiving to God after the birth and naming of his son, John the Baptist. Zechariah praises God’s faithfulness and mercy, the sign of which is the miraculous conception and birth of his son John in spite of the seemingly impossible age and circumstance of Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth. Each morning the daily prayer of the Church recites this canticle, to help us remember that the fulfillment of the Lord’s promises overflow with blessing and abundant goodness.
In times of crisis it can be challenging to remember that our faith is rooted in remembering God’s faithfulness. As we realize the immense consequences of COVID on our social and economic order, we also experience its consequences in depleting our sense of prayer and spirituality. And so it is helpful to remember that we are a people whose spirituality is essentially to “remember”. Our prayer is a communion with all that we call to mind of Jesus’ words, healing ministries and passion. In remembering this divine faithfulness in our prayer, we bring forward into our current lives that which we remember, and by doing so, make present God’s saving activity in our lives. As we continue to work through the very challenging circumstances that COVID presents to all of us, we do so as a people whose prayer is filled with remembrance of the Lord’s goodness and blessing for us all. By
praying in this way, we open ourselves to experience more deeply that same goodness and blessing God is sharing with us even now.

Council Events
All regularly scheduled functions between now and end of 2020; have been changed to either occur virtually, or in a highbred form, or postponed or cancelled until further notice. Details below.

Officer meeting
General Membership Meeting

Council Fishing Trip has been changed to a Day Trip
(Information in this Guidepost)


October Steak Fry
October and December 2nd Sunday Breakfasts

Items to note

Fraternal Benefits Night
Great news for our council and members, the General Agents of Minnesota are conducting a state-wide Fraternal Benefits Night Webinar. This won’t be an ordinary FBN though, we’re bringing in well-known retirement expert Tom Hegna.
Tom is an award-winning author, speaker, and economist. He is an industry leader and is considered by many as "The Retirement Income Expert." Tom has presented at over 5,000 seminars, helping build lasting retirement plans. There will be no cost to the councils as the GAs are absorbing his speaking fee.
This will be held over Zoom on October 15th at 7PM with registration required.
To register, go to the Agency website .
Tom also made a special video for the KC event:

FS Notes
I want to thank all of you for responding to the dues notices that were sent out in June. Those of you that still have not sent in payment a Knight Alert letter should be hitting your mailbox soon. Please take care of sending in your dues as soon as you can. If you have questions, please contact the Grand Knight or your FS. We currently have 15 members who have not sent in your yearly dues.
Please keep the council updated when you have a change of address, change of phone number and finally a change to your email. It really helps us to keep track of where to send things to you. If you have any changes, please forward them onto the FS.
Our council newsletter has returned as you notice. When we went to sending it out by email, we had several members who we did not have email addresses for. It has been decided that will mail out copies to those members starting with this issue. If you are getting this newsletter by mail and have an email address, please send that to the Financial Secretary.

We Remember
Each month we take time to remember members who have passed away. Many of those members helped form this council. This month we recall some of our earlier members who have passed away. Joe Cournyea, Donald Smith, Andrew Passe, John Beaudry, Gilbert Choquette, Herb Winter, Theodore Doll, Leonard Inderlee Jr., John Buttwiller, Leonard Hassler, Ed Weidell and George Krause. Please pray for their families. May they rest in peace.

Happy Birthday
We have 10 members who will be celebrating a birthday in the month of October. They are Vern Shereck, Luke Dolan, Lenny Resler, Jason Bromen, John Streit, Wayne Bromen, Michael Molitor, Edward Bialon, Jeremy Hadash and Julian Jensen. Happy Birthday to all, hope you have a great day.

Prayer concerns
“We lift up this concern to you, O Lord”
Harold Amiot, Ed Bicha , James Fortwengler, Rubey Karels (wife of Lee Karels), Jorge Slater, Barbara Gubrud (wife of Steve Gubrud), John Wilcox, Larry Welch, The Family of Jonathan Silverdahl, Dennis and Lorraine Koss, Virgil Molitor, Fred Timm, The prayer for life, and the Popes prayer for peace. All those affected by storms and natural disasters. All those suffering from depression. All those suffering from the Coronavirus. All those suffering from the recent civil unrest. All serving members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life. All serving members of the Armed Forces.

4th Degree News
Next Exemplifications: None listed

The Knights of Columbus Annual Fishing Trip
On September 19th, 2020, 10 fishing enthusiasts, representing 3 councils, headed to Pokegama Lake in Pine City, MN, for a day of fishing and fellowship. Social distancing was not
a problem, since we were in boats on a lake for most of the day. We did gather for a BYO Lunch in a pavilion at a RV resort, courtesy of Ken Resler. The winning fish of the fishing contest was a 27” Northern, caught by Andy Ames who joined us this year, from the Pine City Council #2357. He said the hot spot was the south end of the lake by the mouth of the Snake River.

18425 Island Resort Road
Pine City, Minnesota


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