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February, 2020

Grand Knight’s Message
WE NEED TO GTO!!! (Grow the Order!) Just introduced, the new ceremonial of Charity, Unity, & Fraternity; which can be done in only 30 minutes. With this new ceremonial, friends and family members are welcome to come watch as new members are initiated into the order.

This a step that Supreme has taken to adapt to today’s generation. NOW that it is finalized, it can be performed with 4-6 people; with NO memorization of lines.

If anyone is interested in helping present this to new members, let me know.

Lent is coming up this month and we all give up something. What do you give up?

Many of you contribute on different levels to the council, so everyone deserves some recognition. Beginning with February meeting, I'll be recognizing one Knight for their contribution to the council.

Vivat Jesus,
Jeremy Hadash
Grand Knight

Council Meetings
As many had hard time with our meetings inside the Hospitality Center (gym) in hearing, all meetings except our 2 steak fries will be in another room this year. Please come through the Parish Center doors.

Council Leadership
Many of us as leaders have many great talents and like the Knights of Columbus. Together we do good for the parish and the community. As council leaders, we are all volunteers and when you agreed to take on a leadership role as part of the leadership team; no one said that you had to be “perfect” at it. Many of us have a regular job and sometimes that gets in the way and you must miss a meeting or two. I understand that, that’s why as part of council leadership; you’ll be there as much as you can and provide great input when requested. Together we’ll keep this council going. As a leader of the council I simply ask you to set a great example of the Knights of Columbus and be there when you can to discuss programs and ways to make the council better.

With that being said; I am asking anyone in council who is interested in being on the council leadership team to please contact me so we can be prepared to nominate, when the time comes.

All we need to do is ASK. Asking those to Join is the key if we are going to grow and be a better council. We simply can’t be afraid. Helpful tips that may work is if you see the husband is busy, ask the wife; and even invite her to be part of the Auxiliary. Utilize our recruiting tools such as the Blue “Join us” card for online membership or the new “I’m a Knight” cards which I introduced at the meeting in September. Need Some let me know.

Ladies Auxiliary
Our February meeting is a “Respect Life” meeting. This year we decided to respect the children, that the City of Blaine Police Department help while on duty. We invited the Blaine Police to the February meeting and are collecting stuffed animals to donate for the children. Please consider bringing a small stuffed animal(s) you’d like to donate.

Fish Fry Bake sales start the Friday before Lent, which is our usual “warm up”. This is our MAIN fundraiser for the year. Please help us and have your baked goods at the hospitality center between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. Prices will be the same as last year. We appreciate anyone who can work for the bake sale, especially to help clean up in the dining area.

March will be nominations for our next year’s officers. Please prayerfully consider stepping up to volunteer and become an officer. We pray that you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day and blessed Lenten season.

Yours in Christ,
Jean Ackermann
Ladies Auxiliary President

Spiritual Reflection Retreat
Our Spiritual Reflection retreat is February 29th, 2020. I am encouraging you highly to attend this. It will be an enlightening & fun day.

February's Second Sunday Breakfast
Date: February 9th
First one in 2020. Scrambled eggs, Pancakes, French toast, sausage, potato patties, and beverages. Shifts 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM & 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Much help needed especially the 2nd shift. Please call PGK Jerome Hacker with your interest in working and what shift.

Lenten Fish Fries
Baked Cod or Deep Fried Pollock, French Fries/Baked Potato, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Fresh Bread & Beverage.
Prices: Adults $12:00 Seniors; over age 62 $10.00: Children 12 and under $5.00.
The Ladies Auxiliary will be selling baked goods in the back of the Hospitality Center.

This year Ash Wednesday will be on February 26th which means our FIRST Council Fish Fry, a warmup one, will be on February 21st. And then again, for following six Fridays, ending the Friday before Good Friday. Your help is needed at noon setting up tables, chairs, serving line in the Hospitality Center with food prep in St. Tim’s kitchen starting at 1:00 PM, during fish fries, cleaning up after and Saturday morning cleanup usually at 7:00 AM. This is our major fundraiser for the year, and we are known for having the best fish fries in the area. NOTE: No Confirmation groups are assigned to the first Fish Fry on February 21st to bus tables. Knights and ladies are needed to replace our Confirmation group. Also, Coordinators are needed to train and work with Confirmation groups weekly.
Food safety: Workers wash hands when starting and the appropriate times, wear gloves when serving food and if you do not feel well please do not come in. Lastly, Just come when you can and if too many volunteers come another week.
Dave Lodermeier and Dick Dols, CoChairman.

District Deputy Notes:
• Recruit younger members. They are our future.
• State wide we have recruited 355 new members, 35% increase.
• Our council will host a degree here on Saturday, Feb 22nd.

Mark your Calendars!
• Our Spiritual Reflection retreat will be held on Saturday, February 29th.

We Remember
This month we want to remember the following members who have gone before us. May they continue to rest in peace. John Chromey Sr., Stuart Holt, John Heitzig, Vern Pytleski, Jerome Besch, Lawrence Cronin, Mike Mikrut, Lloyd Ranum, Chuck Horning, Leo Ripplinger, Benjamin Burville, Carroll Vetsch, Bob Boeding and Ray Sowada. Please pray for them and the families they left behind.

Happy Birthday Wishes
We want to wish the following members who have birthdays in February. Giles Lenzmeier, Dan Otte, Robert Sibinski, Jonathan Silverdahl, Ervin Chromey, Jack Jentz, Gerald Nelson, Kenneth Perry, Marland Kimmes, Paul Schlough, John Badzinski, Deacon Tom Quayle, Michael Thompson, Louis Dalzell, Gerald Arel, Bill Ohland, Timothy Briski, Ken Resler, Patrick Brandt. We hope you all have great days.

Prayer concerns
“We lift up this concern to you, O Lord”
Harold Amiot, Ed Bicha, Wayne Bromen, Bob Cuddigan’s Daughter, Family of Father John Fitzpatrick (former pastor of St. Tims), Keith Friendshuh, James Fortwengler, Family of Marcus Haeg, Diane Holen (Lenny Resler’s sister), Don Hosford, Rubey Karels (wife of Lee Karels), Dave Lodemeier’s Nephew Noah, David Schleeter, Dawn Shelton (Lenny Resler’s Niece), Jorge Slater, Dick Smith, Alice Turner (wife of James Turner), Delores Yenor. The prayer for life, and the Pope’s prayer for peace. All those affected by the storms and natural disasters, all those suffering from depression. All serving members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life. All serving members of the armed forces.

4th Degree News
Next Exemplifications: Spring of 2020 in Walker, MN on April 18th.
Interested in going? Or becoming a 4th Degree Member? Talk to Jeremy Hadash.
St. Tim’s plan to host Dinner meeting May 2020, details TBA.

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