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February, 2021

Grand Knight’s Message
I hope we are finding you and your families well during this pandemic and with the vaccine becoming more available, better days are coming.

We recently held our first Membership Meeting under the new format, and it went well for the first time. We concluded it in just about a half an hour.

As you may have noticed you received, via email, a copy of the meeting minutes. Please review them because under the new format, we will no longer be reading them during the meeting. So, if you were afraid in the past that meeting took too long to attend please consider joining in on the next Membership Meeting and see how it has changed.

We also had a little social time virtually after the meeting. We look forward to seeing you.

We will be hosting a takeout only Fish Fry’s this year on Feb. 12th, 26th, March 12th, and 26th. I would like to Thank all of you have positively responded to my email for help your generosity is greatly appreciated. We still may need a couple of volunteers you may be contacted shortly is not already please consider helping if you feel you are able to do so safely.

As you have noticed by my recent emails, we are conducting a virtual Novena for Life. I would like to Thank everyone who has participated in this program because the unborn are our most vulnerable and need our prayers. If all goes well with this program, we are considering hosting a virtual Spiritual Reflection in March and a possible virtual Rosary. Stay tuned for further details.

Grand Knights Report:
     • Cut out reading of minutes and rollcall of officer’s
     • Starting tomorrow Novena for Life will be sent out daily
     • Possible Virtual Rosary
     • Possible March Spiritual reflection
     • Cathedral Facebook will host Prayer Service for Life on January 22nd
     • Fish Fries will be Take-out only on Feb 12th & 26th, March 12th & 26th
     • Will host a bit of social after the virtual meeting

Vivat Jesus
Terry Wagner
Grand Knight

Ladies Auxiliary
It’s February, and we’ve been dealing with Covid-19 for almost a year now. I have been praying for great possibilities with the vaccine. I’ve been praying for our newly elected President Biden that he is able to help heal our nation. I’ve been praying for our small businesses that they get the relief they need to re-hire employees and continue doing their part for our families and the economy. I’ve been praying for our church that we all continue to support the mission of living God’s word.

I’ve received a request from Bill Steffl at St. Tim’s. St. Tim’s is exploring offering communion in the parking lot during Lenten Sundays beginning at 11:30 am for approximately 30-60 minutes. It’s not a mass, rather a simple distribution of communion to those who may have streamed mass and want to receive communion. If you are interested in distributing, please let Bill Steffl know; so, they can decide about doing this process. Bill will provide training if you need it. Please prayerfully consider helping.

Prayers continue for all auxilians and their families. Specific prayers are for those who have contracted Covid-19 that they recover, for those who have died from Covid-19 that their families find peace.

I hope you all find time to celebrate Valentine’s Day and find blessings in this Lenten season.

Yours in Christ,
Jean Ackermann
Ladies Auxiliary President

Council Events

All regularly scheduled functions between now and February of 2021; have been changed to either occur virtually, or in a highbred form, or postponed or cancelled until further notice. Details below.

Officer meeting
General Membership Meeting

Fish Fry (Take-out only)


Concertina Bowl 2021
Free Throw Contest 2021

Concertina Bowl

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the January 30th, 2021 Concertina Bowl was postponed until hopefully 2022. Hopefully, the following comic strip will provide some levity, until we can dance to the music next year.

Knight Foundation Raffle Tickets
You will be receiving a letter from the council explaining the process for getting raffle tickets sold. This process has been done in past years at fish fries and breakfasts. Since we are not having sit down versions of these events, we need to find a way to sell the tickets. Each council member will get 2 tickets to sell, that is unless you want more. If you want more contact your FS. The cost per ticket is $5.00 with half the money coming back to the council. The Knight Foundation donates money to worthwhile council projects. For our council, the Ladies Auxiliary received money to help fund the processional cross at St. Tim’s as well as money given to our council for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Basket project at St. Tim’s. You will also receive a note with ways you can help the council as well as the Knight’s of Columbus. Please take the time to look it over.

District Deputy Notes:
• Showing presence of the Knights by way of wearing a KC hat or shirt as you go out and about.

We Remember
Each month we take time to remember members who have passed away. Many of those members helped form this council. This month we recall some of our earlier members who have passed away. Francis Frank, Walter Duggan, Greg Krier, Byron Bauer, Arthur Krych, Ronald Labiak, David Van Den Broeke, Wilfred Weiers, George Antonozzi, Vern Hughes, Robert Murphy, Larry Silverdahl, Gilbert Speath and Norman Hovland. Please pray for their families. May they rest in peace.

Happy Birthday Wishes
We have 18 members who will be celebrating a birthday in the month of February. They are Giles Lenzmeier, Dan Otte, Robert Sibinski, Jonathan Silverdahl, Jack Jentz, Gerald Nelson, Kenneth Perry, Marland Kimmes, Paul Schlough, John Badzinski, Deacon Tom Quayle, Michael Thompson, Louis Dalzell, Gerald Arel, Bill Ohland, Timothy Briski, Ken Relserand, Patrick Brandt. Happy Birthday to all, hope you have a great day.

Prayer concerns
“We lift up this concern to you, O Lord”
Harold Amiot, The Family of Erwin Chromey, James Fortwengler, Rubey Karels (wife of Lee Karels), Jorge Slater, The Family of Larry Welch, Karen Arel, Dennis and Lorraine Koss, Vern Shereck, Fred Timm, The prayer for life, and the Popes prayer for peace. All those suffering from depression. All those suffering from the Coronavirus. All serving members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life. All serving members of the Armed Forces.

4th Degree News
All activities have been cancelled until further notice.

Concertina Bowl
Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the January 30th, 2021 Concertina Bowl was postponed until hopefully 2022. Hopefully, the following comic strip will provide some levity, until we can dance to the music next year. 
Thank you to ZITS – Scott & Borgman

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