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March, 2021

Grand Knight’s Message
As I am writing this, we have just entered the season of Lent a time of repentance and spiritual renewal as we look forward to the Easter season to commemorate Jesus’s love for us that he sacrificed himself on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. May God Bless Us during this season.

During the Feb. Officers Meeting we have decided to continue to conduct our meeting for the rest of the fraternal year virtually. Hopefully with the distribution of the vaccine we will be able to get together this summer.

I so far have received positive comments regarding the Novena for Life we conducted in January I recently forwarded to you via email 40 days for Life program sponsored by the state council please pray each day during this season of Lent for the unborn. You can either print it out or save it to your computer. Please pray it daily it should only take a few minutes.

We will be hosting a Spiritual Reflection on Saturday March 20th from 2-4pm hosted by Deacon Joe. The theme will be Anchor of Life. Please try to attend this. 

You recently received a letter from our Worthy Financial Secretary with raffle tickets for the Minnesota Knights Foundation. Please, if you can contribute, purchase these tickets. The council receives a rebate form the foundation for every ticket sold. We also have, in the past, received grants from the foundation for the Processional Cross for the church and funds for the Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets. Also if you can, please consider donating to the other charities mentioned. You can return the letter and your raffle tickets and write only one check payable to Knight of Columbus Council 5141 for all the funds in which you wish to contribute to.

Thank You in advance for your consideration.
Vivat Jesus
Terry Wagner
Grand Knight

Ladies Auxiliary
Some of our ladies are assisting the fish fries and with parking lot communion services at St. Tim’s. Thank you for volunteering your time.

The March meeting is when we sign up for our State Auxiliary Convention and have the annual elections of officers.

The 50th Anniversary State Auxiliary Convention HAS BEEN POSTPONED because the Bloomington Event Center (KC Hall) is shut down until June sometime. We are hoping to have the Convention and Workshop together in October 2021.

Election of Officers—Due to the pandemic, I am requesting all officers to continue with their positions again for next year. I will commit for another year and pray that we will be able to get together in person soon. If anyone else is feeling the call to step up and volunteer an officer, please let me know.

Prayers continue for all auxilians and their families. Specific prayers are for Barb Shereck’s family as they grieve Vern’s death and the Hosford family on Nancy Hill’s death. Prayers are being said for Brandi, Ryan, Lynette, and Petro for my Arizona Lenten Prayer Project. Prayers are for those in Texas as they “clean-up” from the devastating winter weather. Prayers are for those who have contracted Covid-19 that they recover, for those who have died from Covid-19 that their families find peace, and for those who have received the vaccine. Prayers are for all of you and for your families.

Lenten Prayer Project Prayer--Lord God, please watch over and bless <Name>. Keep them healthy, holy, safe, and happy. Shower them with a double portion of your love and mercy during this holy season of Lent. And, if by chance they have wandered away from the Catholic faith and the sacraments, Good Shepherd, gently lead them back to where they will be fed and nourished in your Church. We ask they through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.

I hope you all find blessings in this Lenten season and find time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Yours in Christ,
Jean Ackermann
Ladies Auxiliary President

Council Events

All regularly scheduled functions between now and February of 2021; have been changed to either occur virtually, or in a highbred form, or postponed or cancelled until further notice. Details below.

Officer meeting
General Membership Meeting

Fish Fry (Take-out only)

Tootsie Roll Drive

April General Meeting Steak Fry

FS Notes

A few short years ago I recall hearing at our meetings how our membership was struggling to stay above 200. It hasn’t been that long ago and now we have dipped below 170. Just this council year we have lost 12 members to death. Please try to recruit someone to breathe new life into our council. I would like to contact Supreme about new members, not telling
them another member has died.

Please try to recruit someone to breathe new life into our council. I would like to contact Supreme about new members, not telling them another member has died. Please keep the council updated when you have a change of address, change of phone number and finally a change to your email. It really helps us to keep track of where to send things to you. If you have any changes, please forward them onto the FS.

Just a reminder FYI. On the back of your membership card it has my name and phone number. Please make sure your loved ones know this in case you are sick or have passed away.

Knight Foundation Raffle Tickets
You should have received a letter from the council explaining the process for getting raffle tickets sold. This process has been done in past years at fish fries and breakfasts. Since we are not having sit down versions of these, we need to find a way to sell the tickets. Each council member will get 2 tickets to sell, that is unless you want more. If you want more
contact your FS. The cost per ticket is $5.00 with half the money coming back to the council. The Knight Foundation donates money to worthwhile council projects. For our council, the Ladies Auxiliary received money to help fund the processional cross at St. Tim’s as well as money given to our council for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Basket project at St. Tim’s. You will also receive a note with ways you can help the council as well as the Knights of Columbus. Please take the time to look it over. So far nearly 40 members have
responded in some way. Thank you. For those that haven’t please think about doing so

District Deputy Notes:
•Black History Month book from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson
• Patrick Kelly tenure as the Orders 14th Supreme Knight on March 1st

We Remember
Each month we take time to remember members who have passed away. Many of those members helped form this council. Leroy Primus, Paul Van Wagner. Frank Feeney. Patrick Pribula, Frank Nieland, Robert Hosford, Irvin Horning, Bennett Johnsen, Carmon Gregerson, Randy Bauer, Elroy Diers, Milton Rheault, Rev. John Mitchell, and Gerald Korkoski. Please pray for their families. May they rest in peace.

Happy Birthday Wishes
We have 13 members who will be celebrating a birthday in the month of March. They are Frederick Lamers. Robert Peters, Lawrence Patrick Schleeter, Leon Arenas, Steven Gubrud, Gerhard Bannenberg, Cyril Mrosla, David Patrick Schleeter, Timothy Sullivan, Larry Zmuda, Dale Arnes, Patrick Bonifas, James Stebbins. Happy Birthday to all, hope you have a great day.

Prayer concerns
“We lift up this concern to you, O Lord”
Harold Amiot, James Fortwengler, Karen Arel, Bob Roiger, Nancy Hill (Sister of Mary Hosford), Jerome Hacker, Jorge Slater, Dennis and Lorraine Koss, The Family of Vern Shereck, Fred Timm, Deacon Tim Zinda, The prayer for life, and the Popes prayer for peace. All those suffering from depression. All those suffering from the Coronavirus. All serving members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life. All serving members of the Armed Forces.

4th Degree News
All activities have been cancelled until further notice.

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