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April, 2020

Grand Knight’s Message
As you all receive this, you would have gotten my previous note on recent changes to our council functions. We are all in a difficult time and will get through this. We need to pray every day. Take care of yourself and believe in the faith of those working effortlessly around the clock to improve the conditions and well-being of others who need it most. Keep yourself active if you can by walking in your neighborhood. Maybe say the rosary as you walk. Sometime in the near future we will all be together and moving on as normal.

I have received a letter from the Supreme Knight about the situation on hand. He strongly suggests we not meet at council, district, and state level for the foreseeable future. This could be 30 days; it also could be 90 days plus. If we put an ending date on this, then we own that date and the day after all we would be doing is answering inquiries about why we are not holding this event or that program. Many of us worked hard on many of programs since last July and the council is grateful for everyone’s participation into each of our program’s success. As this year comes to a quiet close, we must not give up. Hope and prayer is what keeps us strong and united. We are Knights of Columbus and we will be ready to help the community when the time comes. This does not mean we stop normal council business that typically happens at this time of year. We will choose officers for 2020-2021. This process will be done on the computer. Programs will still be submitted for State Awards. Some of our charities will still receive donations; yet to be determined. This will also be voted on the computer. As some things have been postponed, it will affect next year’s calendar; so, the postponed functions will be added into the calendar. Our full newsletter is taking a pause until the July edition, as it was urged to communicate to the membership a little more frequently; to keep you motivated. This will begin the Sunday after the April 2020 Newsletter is sent out.

Finally, I will be calling each of you to see how you are doing as part of a wellness check. If you answer great, if not; I will leave a voicemail if appropriate. Have a blessed upcoming Easter. I pray for everyone to stay healthy and full of strength.

Vivat Jesus,
Jeremy Hadash
Grand Knight

Council Meetings
As many had hard time with our meetings inside the Hospitality Center (gym) in hearing, all meetings except our 2 steak fries will be in another room this year. Please come through the Parish Center doors.

Council Leadership
Many of us as leaders have many great talents and like the Knights of Columbus. Together we do good for the parish and the community. As council leaders, we are all volunteers and when you agreed to take on a leadership role as part of the leadership team; no one said that you had to be “perfect” at it. Many of us have a regular job and sometimes that gets in the way and you must miss a meeting or two. I understand that, that’s why as part of council leadership; you’ll be there as much as you can and provide great input when requested. Together we’ll keep this council going. As a leader of the council I simply ask you to set a great example of the Knights of Columbus and be there when you can to discuss programs and ways to make the council better.

With that being said; I am asking anyone in council who is interested in being on the council leadership team to please contact me so we can be prepared to nominate, when the time comes.

All we need to do is ASK. Asking those to Join is the key if we are going to grow and be a better council. We simply can’t be afraid. Helpful tips that may work is if you see the husband is busy, ask the wife; and even invite her to be part of the Auxiliary. Utilize our recruiting tools such as the Blue “Join us” card for online membership or the new “I’m a Knight” cards which I introduced at the meeting in September. Need Some let me know.

Ladies Auxiliary
This Lenten Season is turning out to be a different season. I pray we never have to go through this again. But with prayer, we can be assured that the Lord is with us through it all. With that being said, our bake sales were shut down due to the COVID-19 virus. Thank you all who donated goodies and volunteered your time.
I have been informed that the 50th Anniversary Auxiliary State Convention has been POSTPONED. 50 years is such a significant milestone; and when I hear more about the celebration, I will pass it onto you.

IT IS WITH A HEAVY HEART THAT WE NOTIFY YOU THAT OUR 50TH Anniversary Convention will be delayed and will not take place on April 25, 2020 since the Bloomington KC Hall (Bloomington Event Center) is going to be closed until at least May 1st. We just found out about this today. We will keep you posted regarding our plans to meet at a later date. We hope that this news does not inconvenience anyone. The Corona virus is affecting many facilities here in Minnesota and all over the US. We hope that this virus has not affected any of you or your families and we pray that you will continue to stay well.
Marilyn Jacobs
Acting State Auxiliary Secretary

Officer elections were in March. Fortunately, we have a full slate of officers with the current officers signing on for another year. Your 2020-2021 officers are: President-Jean Ackermann, VP-Gladys Resler, Secretary-Roberta Hacker, Treasurer-Yvonne Rasmussen, Trustees-Bev Bromen, Kristi LaValle. Thank you and congratulations!

Until further notice, we will be having email meetings. If you want to be included and haven’t seen an email from me recently, please send me your email address.

I want to personally thank Yvonne and her receptionist for arranging to get a plant or flowers to Lorraine Koss while she is in the hospital. Thank you Roberta for making sure Yvonne received Elyssa’s volunteer donation from Allina Health. I have been praying for you, your families, our state, the USA, and the entire continent as we all try to ward off this highly contagious, invisible virus. A special prayer is for those who lost their jobs, and I have even more prayers for those medical professionals who continue to serve those is need during this difficult time of our lives.

Yours in Christ,
Jean Ackermann
Ladies Auxiliary President

April's Palm Sunday Breakfast CANCELLED
Date: April 5th

Lenten Fish Fries CANCELLED
Baked Cod or Deep Fried Pollock, French Fries/Baked Potato, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Fresh Bread & Beverage.
Prices: Adults $12:00 Seniors; over age 62 $10.00: Children 12 and under $5.00.
The Ladies Auxiliary will be selling baked goods in the back of the Hospitality Center.

Lenten Fish Fries
Greetings. March brought us nice weather and a March 6th 3rd week Fish Fry of 480 Customers and 43 Volunteers. K102 morning crew came with fish trivia and give always. The following week came the NBA player, then two more NBA players and an Anoka County resident coming down with the COVID -19 Virus. March 12th the CDC came out with no gathering of 250 people or more. The right thing to do was cancel remaining fish fries March 13th on. We were able to return most of Sam’s Club product and all Fish, French Fries, and unopened dry cases of product we had on hand. I am not done with paperwork, but we are down 50% from 2019 profit. The most important thing to remember is all Volunteers, Customers and especially our Confirmation Groups were safe from getting and spreading the Virus. I want to apologize for the shortage of food items at the Warmup Fish Fry on February 21st. We had 250 Customers on record. Only food items left were Cod, Alaska Pollock and French Fries. Week 2 and 3 were actual Lenten Fridays and we did not run out of a single food item. The picture below is the K102 morning crew of Chris Carr, Kia and McKaila at our February 6th Fish Fry. Thanks to Bill Brodie who invited them by email. Bill had to work late so I welcomed and hung out with them hence the picture below. I want to thank everyone who worked the abbreviated Fish Fry season, especially several Ladies Auxiliary members who worked both the fish fry and the bake sale. Have a Happy Easter and be safe.
Dick Dols

Raffle Tickets
Our raffle ticket sales came to a screeching halt. We did get a few them sold during a breakfast as well as 3 Fish fries, but you may not have gotten a chance to buy some with a chance of winning cash prizes. This raffle raised a lot of money last year for us and we are no way close to that number. We get half of what is sold. the cost of a raffle ticket.

With that being said, I am writing this asking if you would like to buy a chance or 2 or 3 please mail me a check for $5 a ticket, (made out to KC5141) and I will mail you the ticket stubs back.

District Deputy Notes:
• 12-episode video series on web Into the Breach.

Prison Ministry Benefit
• POSTPONED until this fall.

We Remember
This month we remember the following members who have died and gone before us. Jack Sanders, Leroy Lewendowski, Kenneth Juneau, Dr. Matthew Plasha, Frank Koslak, John Gayda, Joseph Boyko, Frank Kostick, Otto Husnik, Alan Waldo, Joe Cournyea, Donald Smith, Andrew Passe and John Beaudry. May they continue to rest in peace.

Happy Birthday Wishes
Birthday wishes go out to the following council members. Joseph Modesette, Kenneth Klisch, Lyle Lindberg, Keith Rasmussen, Dennis Schroeder, Gerald Hadzima, Fred Timm, Don Westman, Allan Trapp, Michael Allard, Steve Silverdahl, Fr. Harry Tasto, Timothy Skillings, Corey Geist, James Fortwengler and Bob Roiger. Please take the time to wish them a Happy Birthday.

Prayer concerns
“We lift up this concern to you, O Lord”
Harold Amiot, Ed Bicha, Family of Ed Breitbach, Wayne Bromen, Bob Cuddigan’s Daughter, Family of Past Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant, Family of Father John Fitzpatrick(Former pastor of St. Tim’s), Family of Keith Friendshuh, James Fortwengler, Diane Holen (Lenny Resler’s sister), Don Hosford, Rubey Karels (wife of Lee Karels), Dave Lodemeier’s Nephew Noah, David Schleeter, Dawn Shelton (Lenny Resler’s Niece), Jorge Slater, Dick Smith, Alice Turner (wife of James Turner), Delores Yenor. The prayer for life, and the Pope’s prayer for peace. All those affected by the storms and natural disasters, all those suffering from depression, and those affected by the Coronavirus. All serving members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life. All serving members of the armed forces.

4th Degree News
All activities have been cancelled until further notice.

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