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May, 2021

Grand Knight’s Message
May is here Spring has sprung. We awaken from our long Winters nap we have hope, hope is what gets us through the tough times in life and it is hope in the eternal life that the sacrifice of Jesus that sustains us every day. I hope that you and your families are doing well.

I really do not have much for us this month.

First, I would like to Welcome our newest member or our council Scott Johnson, who went through his degree of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity in March. If you see him, please give him a hearty welcome.

I send out the link for our Monthly Membership Meeting on the Sunday before our meeting. If you do not receive it in your inbox look at your spam/junk mailbox for it may be in there. I use the supreme website to send it out and sometimes and I do not know why it ends up there.

We will be handing out flowers to Moms on Mother's Day weekend May 8-9 We need 2 volunteers for each Mass to assist. Please contact Jeremy to volunteer.

There will be a blessing of our council in honor of our 60th anniversary on Saturday June 5th at the 5pm Mass. Please sign up to attend mass ahead of time on St. Tim’s website.

At our May Membership Meeting we will be electing our Officers for the next Fraternal Year.

Our Year End Dinner will be held safely at Brook Hall on Friday June 18th. If you feel safe lease join us as we celebrate our council. Full details will be forthcoming.

On Father's Day weekend June 18-19, we will be handing out St Joseph's Prayer Cards and “thank dad for life” buttons after Mass. We will need 2 volunteers for each Mass to assist. If you are available, please contact Jeremy.

Vivat Jesus,
Terry Wagner
Grand Knight

Ladies Auxiliary
Throughout last month, I reached out to each Blaine/Coon Rapids #5141 auxilian to check in and see how you are doing. I felt blessed to chat with nearly everyone on the list.
With the phone calls, I was able to finalize next year’s officer list. Since there is one person for each position, I conducted an a “white ballet” email vote.

Congratulations to next year’s officers:
President Jean Ackermann
VP Gladys Resler
Secretary Roberta Hacker
Treasurer Sandy Resler
Trustees Bev Bromen and Kristy LaValle

Installation of officers will be with the men at St. Tim’s in June. As things are finalized, more information will be forthcoming.
Prayer intentions are for those dealing with medical situations, especially the coronavirus pandemic that has change all our lives.

Prayers for the family of Betty Wagner, a long-time auxilian who died in April. May she RIP and her family be comforted by the Lord during this difficult time. Special prayers are for those intentions spoken and those held deep within our hearts.

I miss all of you and pray that we will see each other in person very soon. May we continue to see God’s blessings in all we do.

God Bless,
Jean Ackermann
Ladies Auxiliary President

Council Events

All regularly scheduled functions between now and February of 2021; have been changed to either occur virtually, or in a highbred form, or postponed or cancelled until further notice. Details below.

Officer meeting
General Membership Meeting




FS Notes

Please keep the council updated when you have a change of address, change of phone number and finally a change to your email. It really helps us to keep track of where to send things to you. If you have any changes, please forward them onto the FS.
Just a reminder FYI. On the back of your membership card has my name and phone number. Please make sure your loved ones know this in case you are sick or have passed away.

Council Donations
The council wants to thank all those that sent in donations. It is greatly appreciated. We contributed to students, seminarians, the hungry, those who cannot walk along with the Knights foundation.

Nomination of Officers
At the April general membership meeting the following were nominated for officer positions for the council year 2012-22. If you have yourself or others to nominate for a position, please let the Grand Knight know.
Grand Knight - Terry Wagner
Deputy Grand Knight - Jeremy Hadash
Chancellor - Don Hosford
Warden - Al Loerzel
Recorder - Steve Silverdahl
Treasurer - Ken Resler
Advocate - Matt Bliss
Guard - Mike Huey
Guard - Paul Hanzelka
Trustee 3yr - Bob Roiger
Trustee 2yr - Lenny Resler
Trustee 1yr - Wayne Bromen

Mother’s Day Flowers
We are going to be handing out flowers to moms after the Masses Mother’s Day weekend May 8-9. Also have a limited amount of “thank mom for life” Buttons. I need 2 volunteers for each Mass.

Father’s Day Hand Out
We will be handing out St. Joseph Prayer cards & “Thank dad for life” buttons after the masses to dads Father’s Day weekend June 19-20. I need 2 volunteers for each mass.

Special Mass of Recognition
As we approach our 60th Anniversary of the council, included with the 5pm Mass on June 5th ; we receive a special blessing from Father Joe. Please save the date and join us as we celebrate our 60 years. Note: You will need to sign-up for the Mass like everyone else, beginning Monday May 31st.

District Deputy Notes:
While the last year has been quite challenging, now is time to recover and return to normal. As this will take time to happen, Supreme just rolled a NEW COVID recovery programs in which all councils are asked to adapt. Details will be provided in the coming months.

Past DD Terry Meyer’s wife Jan is in the hospital fighting with COVID, pneumonia, & Blood clots. Please pray for Brother Terry and his wife Jan.

Council Blessing
In honor of our 60th Anniversary, we will receive a special blessing during the 5pm Mass, Saturday June 5th. Please sign-up on the Monday prior through St. Tim’s website or by calling 763-784-1329. If there is a good amount, I will save a section for us all to be in. Wear your KC shirts.

Year End Dinner
SAVE THE DATE- Our year end dinner is Friday, June 18th at Brook hall in Blaine. Full Details and Invitation will be sent separately after our council officer’s meeting on May 5th.

2021-2022 Officers Installation
Will be Thursday June 10th at 7pm over at St. Tim’s inside the church.

Prayer concerns
“We lift up this concern to you, O Lord”
Archbishop Hebda, Bishop Elect Felton of the Diocese of Duluth, Deacon Tim Zinda, Harold and Mary Amiot, James Fortwengler, Karen Arel, Peggy King, Jorge Slater, Dennis and Lorraine Koss, Fred Timm, Don Hosford, Terry and Jan Meyer, The prayer for Life and the Popes prayer for peace. All those suffering from depression, All those suffering from the Coronavirus. All serving members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life. All serving members of the Armed Forces.

Happy Birthday Wishes
We have 17 members who will be celebrating a birthday in the month of May. Jerome Petron, John Waage, Patrick Schneider, David Falkner, David Heim, Gary Schultz, Paul Henzelka, Thomas Thieschafer, Matt Bliss, Thomas Connor, Thomas Tran, Larry Mashuga, Richard Krawiecki, David Sowada, William Breemeersch, Michael Whitney, and Paul Gaspersich. Happy Birthday to all, hope you have a great day.

We Remember
Each month we take time to remember members who have passed away. E. Donald Henry, Lorin Yenor, Peter Rothstein, James Burlager, Jerome Fischer, Doyle Copeland, William Peters, Roger Robinson, Kenneth Rosen, Jerome Nouis, Edwin Wagner, Bradley Johnson. Ivan Barthel, Joseph Hillenbrand, John Parsons, Duane Arett and Leo Van Uden. Many of these members helped form this council. Please pray for their families. May they rest in peace.

4th Degree News
•  Had a Exemplification on April 17th in Walker
• May 2nd @1:30 Rosary March from Cathedral to Capitol
• May 3rd @ St. Joe’s the Worker in Maple Grove, Dinner Meeting

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