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June, 2019

Grand Knight’s Message
As our year comes to a close it’s time to reflect on our accomplishments and successes. Although we take pride in our accomplishments, we always have room for improvement. Some of things that we will work on improving are being better recruiters, doing simple programs that make a big impact, and even getting to know our brothers Knights a bit more. How will we do this? Well stay tuned and details will be announced.
This past year we had the privilege of hosting a major degree, one thing that we have not done since 1999. The Bingo night was another great success this year, thanks to those who helped. Results will be announced at the year-end dinner. Last year at the State Convention our council received only the middle non-competitive award. This year we earned the top level of the Non-competitive awards and in addition, we placed 3rd in the Community activities category for our Bingo Night. Thanks to everyone’s hard work this past year in making it possible for to earn these awards.
Finally, the Supreme Convention is drawing much closer. During the State Convention I was selected as a delegate to represent Minnesota. I feel honored to have gotten this as I am looking forward in getting to meet some our Supreme leaders. In addition, we get to be the hosts and give our guests from around the globe a taste of Minnesota. Consider volunteering as we only get this chance every 20-30 years. As this is a Family organization, the ladies play their part with the Ladies’ Luncheon and show them our support we will be sending 3 ladies from our Auxiliary to be table hosts, giving the guests from around the world a warm and hearty Minnesota welcome.

Thanks again for a great year.

Jeremy Hadash
Grand Knight

Ladies Auxiliary
We had a nice turnout at Clive’s for the ladies night out. Thank you, Elyssa, for arranging it for us.

The casino trip was very successful. Thank you, Jan Dols and Kristi LaValle, for handling this outing.

Auxilians Kristi LaValle, Mary Hosford, and Roberta Hacker served at the Ronald McDonald House in May. The Hosfords have been leading this effort for 40 years.

The year-end audit will be held at my home, Monday, July 15, 6:30 pm. Required attendees are Trustees Bev and Kristi, Treasurers Sandy and Yvonne.

We are looking forward to representing Blaine Coon Rapids at the Supreme Convention Ladies Luncheon in August. The ladies will be represented by Elyssa Bliss, Joan Hadash, and me.

Thank you, ladies, for a very rewarding and great year as your President. Thanks to all the officers for the current year, and I welcome Yvonne Rasmussen as our Treasurer for next year. It has been a privilege and an honor to serve you during this past year.

The ladies don’t meet during June, July, and August. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and we’ll see you in September for the potluck.

Prayer intentions are for those dealing with health situations, specifically Jerome, Harold, Don, and Sandy. RIP to Jim and Jim. May all find comfort during this difficult time. Special prayers are for these intentions and those held deep within our hearts.


Jean Ackermann, Ladies Auxiliary President

Save the Date
Friday, June 21 is our Year end dinner. Social hour begins at 5:30 with Dinner following at 6:30
Location: Brook Hall Event Center, 11930 Central Ave, Blaine, MN
Dinner will consist of a choice between Roast beef and Turkey, with Roast potatoes and vegetables.
For reservations please Contact: Bob Roiger

The Supreme Council is experiencing issues with emails going to Comcast accounts. We believe that this is how Comcast deals with receiving emails from a ‘NoReply’ process in general (not just from the Knights of Columbus), which is the current industry standard. We are working to determine if the Supreme Council can change our process to allow emails to go through to our members with a Comcast email address.

Council Dues
We are quickly approaching the new council year and with that the mailing out of dues statements. Please drop your dues payment in the mail as quickly as possible to save on repeat having to contact you. Also, as per usual there should be some additional information that you should take the time to look at.

Election of Officers
At the May general meeting, the following were elected as Council 5141 Officers for the upcoming council year.

Grand Knight – Jeremy Hadash 3rd term
Deputy Grand Knight – Matt Bliss
Chancellor – Rudy Kalen
Recorder – Steve Silverdahl
Warden – Al Loerzel
Advocate – Tom Fluegel
Treasurer – Ken Relser
Outside Guard – Wayne Bromen
Inside Guard – Don Westmann
Trustee 3yr – Terry Wagner
Trustee 2yr – Jerome Hacker
Trustee 1yr – Bob Roiger

We Remember
We remember the following members who have gone before us. Please pray for them and their families. Dr. William Bendel Jr., John Burns, Alfred DesJardins, Tom Eischens, Henry Grachek, Owen Hyland, Don LaVoi, William McClean Jr., Virgil Mitchell, Felix Schmiessing, and Ray Trombley. May they continue to rest in peace.

Happy Birthday
Please wish the following members a Happy Birthday. These members have birthdays in June. Gary Ackerman, David Anderson, Michael Arel, Timothy Clancy, Randolph Deutsch, Wally Fletcher, Joseph Hadzima, Mark Hemmesch, Don Hosford, Leland Karels, Tom Lodermeier, Thomas Martin, Michael Medcalf, Noble Rainville Jr., and Deacon Tim Zinda. May all of you have a great day on your birthday.

Prayer concerns
“We lift up this concern to you, O Lord”
Harold Amiot, Ed Bicha, Diane Bowlie, Bob Cuddigan’s daughter, Jim Dols, James Fortwengler, Sabrina Otte, Deacon Tom Quayle, David Schleeter, Jorge Slater, Dick Smith, Alice Turner (wife of James Turner), Ken Wallace. The prayer for life, and the Pope’s prayer for peace. All those affected by the storms and natural disasters, all those suffering from depression, and all those who are going to Family Promise of Anoka County. All serving members of the Priesthood, Diaconate, and Religious Life. All serving members of the armed forces.

4th Degree News
Next Exemplifications:
“Super Degree” July 13 & 14 in Marshall, MN.
Fall 2019 at Winona on Nov 3.
Spring 2020 in Walker, MN on April 18th.
Interested in going? Or becoming a 4th Degree Member? Talk to Jeremy Hadash.

St. John Vianney Relic Pilgrimage
The Shrine of Ars, France, has entrusted to the Knights of Columbus the major relic of St. Jean Vianney’s incorrupt heart for a national tour in the U.S., from November 2018 through early June 2019. The Knights of Columbus welcomes this special opportunity to offer for veneration a major relic of the patron of parish priests, whose holiness and integrity is a model for clergy and laity alike. The Relic will first visit Holy Name Catholic Church on May 30th and then move to the Cathedral on May 31st.

Schedule is as follows:
Thursday May 30th
Holy Family Catholic Church 5900 West Lake St St. Louis Park, MN 55416

7pm reception of relic with Solemn Vespers
7:30pm Public Veneration and overnight vigil of prayer for the sanction of priests concluding at 7am.

Friday May 31st
Cathedral of St. Paul -- 239 Selby Ave, St. Paul, MN 55102
3pm- Reception of the relic with Divine Mercy Chaplet
3:30pm Public Veneration
5:15pm mass with Archbishop Bernard Hebda
6:15pm Public Veneration until 9pm

Warriors to Lourdes
There is an invisible wound of war that is only beginning to draw public attention. In addition to mental and emotional suffering, moral injury represents the spiritual dimension of trauma. This important and timely topic is brought to life with searing emotion in Warriors to Lourdes, a new documentary film produced by the Knights of Columbus. This 28-minute film highlights the transformative experience of the annual Warriors to Lourdes pilgrimage for wounded, ill and injured veterans seeking physical and spiritual healing. Through very personal accounts of men and women in uniform, along with those of military chaplains, the film showcases the life-changing impact of this spiritual pilgrimage. These stories reveal that sometimes the greatest acts of courage occur not on the battlefield but inside the human heart.

Airing Schedule
NET TV Sunday May 26, 2019 @ 11:30am ET
NET TV Sunday May 26, 2019 @ 6:00pm ET
NET TV Monday May 27, 2019 @ 9:30am ET

Everyday Heroes
Throughout history, humanity has been enthralled by the idea of Heroes. From Hercules to Superman, the heroic narrative in literature, the arts and culture has been passed from one generation to the next. But heroism is not some unattainable ideal. It is not reserved for only mythology. Heroism is a worthy goal that lies within our grasp. That is the central message of Everyday Heroes, a new documentary film featuring the witnesses of remarkable Brother Knights whose courage, faith and commitment to charity embody the mission of the Knights of Columbus. From the college football star who selflessly put the needs of others before his own to the Special Olympics athlete who gives witness to the dignity of all human life---these stories demonstrate how the betterment of our world ultimately begins with the individual human heart.

Air Times
KRWF Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota CT 5/26/2019 5:00 AM
KSAX Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota CT 5/26/2019 5:00 AM
KSTP Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota CT 5/26/2019 5:00 AM!
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