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August, 2020

Grand Knight’s Message
This is my first article as your Grand Knight for this fraternal year. I hope that you and your families are faring well during this uncharted challenging time we are experiencing. I really do not have much to share with you this month. August is a month that we do not have much going on. We will still be conducting our Officers and General Meetings in August, until we can find when we can again meet in person at St. Tim’s, hopefully, in September. I will keep you updated. One of the innovative programs I am instituting this year is to call every member around the time of your birthday to wish you a Happy Birthday and to see if there is anything we as a council can do for you and your families. I am going to work on keeping the lines of communication open to you, our most treasured resource, for doing the good that Father Michael J McGivney envisioned. 

I’m also happy to announce, if you haven’t heard already, that a miracle attributed to the intercession of Father Michael J McGivney has been approved by the Vatican and he will be Beatified in the future. We will forward all information on the upcoming Beatification when it becomes available. 

We will be hosting a Fraternal Benefits Night Wednesday August 26th at 7PM. I encourage you and your spouse to attend to learn how the Knights of Columbus can keep you and your families secure in the future. I am going to invite members of the parish, with Father Joes permission, to attend and learn about the value of being a Knight.

Vivat Jesus,
Terry Wagner
Grand Knight

Council Events
All regularly scheduled functions between now and end of 2020; have been changed to either occur virtually, or in a highbred form, or postponed or cancelled until further notice. Details below.

Officer meeting
General Membership Meeting

Council Fishing Trip has been changed to a Day Trip
(Information in this Guidepost)

Year End Dinner – September 18th

Tootsie Roll Drive
Prison Ministry Bingo Benefit
St. Timothy Carnival Grill
September Membership meeting and Steak Fry

Note from Feed My Starving Children
The meals you packed at our Coon Rapids, MN location on March 11, 2020 arrived in El Salvador on June 03 to help kids fed by Food for the Poor. Precious children are eating a nourishing meal because of you. Thank you. You've made an incredible difference.
Did you know? Meals usually take between two weeks and six months to travel to their destination. It all depends on where in the world they go and how hard it is to get there. They cross the ocean by ship or plane and wait in line to clear customs. Then they journey by car, bike, canoe or even donkey to reach our partners. Many hands carry these meals to children and families in need.

Ladies Auxiliary
I hope everyone is safe and well. I’ve been praying for you and yours during this pandemic that all are ok. It has been a while since I wrote a Guidepost Article, and these are key
highlights from my emails.
Membership dues-- Please send your dues to Treasurer Yvonne Rasmussen by September 1st.
The Annual Audit was held by Treasurer Yvonne Rasmussen on July 21st. It was attended by Trustees Bev Bromen & Kristi LaValle, & President Jean Ackermann. The Auxiliary’s books are in order and everything balanced.
The Installation of Officers has been arranged with our State President Joyce Korsten. She will install the Blaine/Coon Rapids officers at my home on Saturday, August 29, 2020, 12:30 pm sharp before the State Officer meeting at my home on that same day. All Officers please attend and bring your Jewels.
2020-2021 Officers: President-Jean Ackermann, VP-Gladys Resler, Secretary-Roberta Hacker, Treasurer-Yvonne Rasmussen, Trustees-Bev Bromen, Kristi LaValle.
Meetings—As of right now, I do not know when we will be able to meet in person. We will continue to monitor the K of C 5141 and other volunteer groups from St. Tim’s to
determine our next steps.
Baby Boom
o Justin, Corinne, Colton & Remi Powers welcomed Wesson Lee. Proud Grandparents are Sandy (Ken) Resler and Great Grandparents are Gladys (Len) Resler.
o Matthew, Elyssa & Michael Bliss welcomed Eleanor Joanne. Proud Grandparent is Joanne Bliss.
• Barb Shereck’s mother has passed away. Our sincere sympathy to Barb and family.
• Mary Timm has been dealing with the care for Fred and Virgil. I have been praying for strength to keep doing what she needs to do.
• Lorraine and Denny Koss are dealing with individual health issues. Lorraine went for surgery end of July. Please pray for both Lorraine and Denny.

Yours in Christ,
Jean Ackermann
Ladies Auxiliary President

Items to note:
Dance Floor Rental
I got the official word last week that Stiftungsfest, the German Festival in Norwood Young American, held in late August is Canceled. Like County Fairs, City Festival’s, and the State Fair unsafe due to COVID- 19. This article is for the eight Knights that help me every year set up and tear down the Dance Floor.
As always be safe and enjoy the rest of summer.
Dick Dols. PGK

St. Timothy Carnival
The Carnival Chair would like us to hold the coloring contest. It will be announced in the Next Bulletin Aug. 8 & 9, 15 & 16 bulletin. The coloring sheet will be distributed
to the parishioners by e-mail, they can download to print, & it will be mailed with the letter to all.

Age groups: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13 & up

Prizes: 4-6 ($10 gift card), 7-9 ($10 gift card), 10-12 ($10 gift card), 13 & up ($20 gift card) plus coloring books to include as well for each one.

Deadline & Judging: Submissions are due Tuesday September 8th. Between Sept. 9th & Sept 11th Terry Wagner, Mike Huey, & Jeremy Hadash will judge the coloring sheets.

Winners will be announced just prior to the raffle drawing on Sunday September 13th.

FS Notes
I want to thank all of you for responding to the dues notices that were sent out in June. Those of you that still have not sent in payment a second mailing should have gotten to you. Please take care of it as soon as you can. If you have questions, please contact the Grand Knight or you FS. We currently have 33 members who have not sent in your yearly dues.

Please keep the council updated when you have a change of address, change of phone number and finally a change to your email. It really helps us to keep track of where to send
things to you. If you have any changes, please forward them onto the FS.

Our council newsletter has returned as you notice. When we went to sending it out by email, we had several members who we did not have email addresses for. It has been decided that will mail out copies to those members starting with this issue. If you are getting this newsletter by mail and have an email address, please send that to the FS.

Prayer concerns
“We lift up this concern to you, O Lord”
We have 15 members who will be celebrating a birthday in the month of August. They are Brandon Plante, Jeff Revering. Neil Lansing, Joseph Miller, Art Ohotto, Dale Eilers, Le Roy Kulla, Mike Huey, David Stanton, Timothy Virnig, Kevin Mc Carty, Eugene Boos, David Kieffer, Philip Sheppard and John Kirk.
Happy Birthday to all, hope you have a great day.

Happy Birthday Wishes
Birthday wishes go out to the following council members. Joseph Modesette, Kenneth Klisch, Lyle Lindberg, Keith Rasmussen, Dennis Schroeder, Gerald Hadzima, Fred Timm, Don Westman, Allan Trapp, Michael Allard, Steve Silverdahl, Fr. Harry Tasto, Timothy Skillings, Corey Geist, James Fortwengler and Bob Roiger. Please take the time to wish them a Happy Birthday.

We Remember
Each month we take time to remember members who have passed away. Many of those members helped form this council. As we begin the newsletter again let us look back on those members who have left us in the last few months. Please pray for their families. Patrick Frischmon, Leo Giesen, Ed Breitbach, Keith Freindshuh, Marcus Haeg and Ken Wallace. May they rest in peace.

4th Degree News
All activities have been cancelled until further notice.

What can Knights do during COVID-19? With the pandemic still looming and the prospects of a second wave increasing, many Knights wonder what to expect in the new fraternal year. What can Knights of Columbus do to leave no neighbor behind? The answer: plenty. READ MORE

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